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Taoist Tai Chi ® arts in St. Albert

We started teaching Tai Chi in St. Albert in the mid-nineties in a building at the foot of Mission Hill. We left that location in 1997 and started teaching a class again in St. Albert in 2003. The St. Albert classes benefit from a close proximity to Edmonton, with participants frequently travelling between the two communities. Be sure to have a look at the Edmonton page to see the classes and events that are happening in the area.

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or call Toll-free: 1 888 TAI CHI1 (1-888-824-2441)

Tai Chi Classes

We offer regular beginner classes and an on-going continuing level class. If you are new to Tai Chi please visit the FAQ Web page for more information about the class types and what to expect.

Beginner Classes

New Beginner classes start several times throughout the year. Please see Edmonton Class Schedules for dates and times.

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Continuing Class

Monday, 6:30–8:30 pm

Class Location

Red Willow Place, (map) 7 Tache Street

Participants attend a Saturday clinic in 2007.


Regional & Local Events

Regional   Local



From: Tuesday, 30 Nov 1999 at :00
To: Tuesday, 30 Nov 1999 Ending: :00

Visit the Edmonton Web page for information on other events in the area.