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Taoist Tai Chi ® arts in Leduc

We started offering Beginner Tai Chi classes in Leduc in January 2014. Be sure to have a look at the Edmonton page for additional classes and events in the area.

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or call Toll-free: 1 888 TAI CHI1 (1-888-824-2441)

Tai Chi Classes

Beginner Classes

New Beginners are welcome any Monday, 7–9 pm.

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Continuing Class

Monday, 7–9 pm.

Class Location

Leduc Recreation Centre, 4330 Black Gold Drive in the MNP Room (map)

class location


Regional & Local Events

Regional   Local



From: Tuesday, 30 Nov 1999 at :00
To: Tuesday, 30 Nov 1999 Ending: :00

Visit the Edmonton Web page for information on other events in the area.