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Taoist Tai Chi ® arts in Fairview

Tai Chi has been taught in Fairview since 1994. Early in that year, the Grande Prairie branch offered a workshop and then, over a five month period, sent instructors to Fairview once a week to help establish the location. By the fall of 1995, Fairview had two instructors trained to teach beginners. Since then, two more participants have been trained and are instructing. In 2003, one of our beginner level instructors started to teach at the continuing level.

Over the years, many people have received instruction in Fairview and many have continued to attend the classes for improvement in health, balance, concentration and flexibility. New students are introduced to this gentle and effective exercise through beginner classes. It only takes four months to receive instruction in the 108 moves of the set, but Fairview’s students will tell you, there is still a lot to learn about Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

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Tai Chi Classes

We offer regular beginner classes and an on-going continuing level class. If you are new to Tai Chi please visit the FAQ Web page for more information about the class types and what to expect.

There are no classes on statutory holidays and over the Christmas break unless otherwise indicated by your instructor.

Beginner/Continuing Classes

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Thursday, 7:00–9:00 pm, starting Thursday, September 14
Ongoing beginner intake. New participants are welcome to join classes in progress.

Class Location

Fine Arts Center, (780) 835-4642

Participants from Fairview practice a movement from the set.


Regional & Local Events

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From: Tuesday, 30 Nov 1999 at :00
To: Tuesday, 30 Nov 1999 Ending: :00

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