About Us

A unique approach to Tai Chi

Our volunteer, registered charitable organization offers instruction in Taoist Tai Chi® arts, which include our 108-move Tai Chi set and other related arts.

Over 40 years ago we began with a set of principles established by our late founder, Master Moy Lin Shin. These principles, which are still followed today, are as follows:

  • The Taoist Tai Chi® arts are not to be practiced as a martial art technique or in a competitive spirit, but rather as a means to cultivate every aspect of health.
  • Those who’ve improved their own health and understanding of these arts are encouraged, under supervision, to use them to help others.
  • Participants should share their knowledge on a volunteer basis and not for personal gain, and should seek to help others improve their health as well.
  • Particpants should cultivate an attitude of compassion and service to others.

To learn more about Master Moy, Taoist Tai Chi® arts, their health benefits and our worldwide activities, please visit Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi®.

Our Aims and Objectives

Our aims and objectives assure everyone receives the same quality of instruction and dedicated leadership.

To make Taoist Tai Chi® arts available to all

We are dedicated to bringing these arts to every community, so that their many benefits are available to all who wish to experience them.

To promote the health-improving qualities of Taoist Tai Chi® arts

Practiced diligently, these arts cultivate both body and mind to restore and/or maintain good health. Our efforts are directed at making these benefits better known and understood, in order to promote physical, mental and spiritual well being in the community.

To promote cultural exchange

Through these arts and through other activities, we endeavour to make the richness of Chinese culture more accessible, and thereby to promote greater understanding and respect among people.

To help others

Our foundation is compassion. Our underlying charitable orientation is in keeping with the Taoist values of selflessness and service to others. Our inspiration is the example set by our founder, Master Moy Lin Shin, who dedicated his life to helping others without seeking personal gain. For this reason, all our instructors are volunteers, and all our branches are run by volunteers.

A statue of Kwan Yin, goddess of compassion, overlooks the pond at the International Centre near Orangeville, Ontario.

Other Taoist Arts

We offer the following arts. For more information visit the International website.

  • Taoist Tai Chi® arts
  • Lok Hup and Hsing-I
  • Taoist Tai Chi® Sword and Taoist Tai Chi® Sabre
  • Taoist Meditation
  • Push-Hands
  • Chanting

Edmonton and Calgary have Fung Loy Kok high shrines. To learn more about Fung Loy Kok visit the Temples & Shrines Web page.